Communication services

Rembrandt van Rijn
The Shipbuilder an his Wife: Jan Rijcksen and his Wife, Griet Jans, 1633 (detail)
Oil on canvas
113,8 × 169,8 cm
Royal Collection Trust, UK

We help you create and manage a real virtual “press room” and identify the best strategies for optimising the use of the most popular media, whether traditional or more technologically advanced systems: from drafting content for your own website to managing a YouTube channel, from newsletters to the most popular social networks, without neglecting the conception of your corporate identity, the design of advertising graphics, the creation of logos and the layout of brochures and catalogues.

Newsletters are one of the most popular communication tools as they offer a useful, effective and immediate service at a minimal cost.
They make it possible to collect and present to the public news about one's own activity, to keep them informed about upcoming events and to report on related initiatives, as well as to promote one's own website through links and references and thus increase attendance.
The newsletter is more useful and effective when it is well structured: not only is the choice and composition of the content important to capture and maintain the interest of your readers, but also the adoption of an appropriate graphic layout and the use of the latest technology (to prevent your e-mails from ending up in 'spam') are decisive factors in increasing the effectiveness of your communications.
Our professional and reliable newsletter service includes the study and realisation of customised html layouts, a dedicated sending server to minimise the risk of spam, and an online management panel to create, with a few simple actions, your own messages, organise your contact lists, and display, once sent, detailed statistics of opens and clicks by addressee.

Design and coordinated graphics
We are able to transform every starting point and element of a customer's identity into an exclusive image.
From logo design to corporate identity, from catalogue design and printing to posters, we offer you a complete and professional service.

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